#29 – Comedian Will Nolan

Breaking my over two month podcast absence, I interview Nashville stand-up comic and host of Middle Tennessee State University’s Comichameleon, Will Nolan. We delve deep into many personal details of his life that many people might find shocking and distasteful, but I sure as hell found them to be amusing.

Comichameleon Facebook Page

#28 – Radio Interview With Baylee Kuss And Rick Perry From Ashes Of Folly

I conducted my first ever radio interview recently with Baylee Kuss and Rick Perry from Ashes Of Folly because the three of us have put together a band and have begun writing songs together. The interview was performed on 88.3 FM in Murfreesboro, WMTS.


#27 – Will Jazz Ever “Make It” In Nashville? – Robots Make Music – New George Carlin – Blind Breed – RJ And The Del Guapos

Thanks for checking out the return of the Joseph West Podcast. Joseph discusses the potential for jazz’s popularity in Nashville, ponders the repercussions Sony’s robot composing music, reviews the new George Carlin album “I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die,” and plays music from local bands Blind Breed and RJ And The Del Guapos.




George Carlin – I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die

Sony Shares Song Composed By Artificial Intelligence

#24 – Descendents Review & More

This episode may be a few days late due to sickness, but it features a review of the new Descendents album “Hypercaffium Spazzinate,” Joseph and Baylee’s album of the week segment, and music from a great Michigan band named The Plurals.